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Friends of Inlet View Elementary School (1).png
Friends of Inlet View Elementary School (1).png

Get Involved

Become a community advocate for the best possible school site
Urban Design Commission meeting on 9/14/22
Testify or Submit Written Comments! 

Click here to download talking points for testifying or submitting written comments.

School Board Meetings

Testify at the next school Anchorage  School Board meeting (9/20).

South Addition Community Council

Join in the next Community Council Meeting (9/22).

Design Committee Meetings

Follow the most recent plans by joining the Building Design Committee meetings. 

Write Letters to the Editor: Anchorage Daily News (real excerpts)

“Residents who own homes affected were given a platform to voice concern only after the project’s plan was established. The building will also shade the proposed location of the new playground, and the building site is in the worst area of the school’s property for water drainage. ”

Amanda Compton

Link to full letter

Write emails to project leadership

Dr. Jharrett Bryantt (Superintendent) -

Dr. Mark Stock (Deputy Superintendant) -

Erik Viste (Sr. Director of Elementary Education) -

Margo Bellamy (ASD Board President) -

Dave Donley (ASD School Board) -

Carl Jacobs (ASD School Board) -

Kelly Lessens (ASD School Board) -

Andy Holleman (ASD School Board) -

Dora Wilson (ASD School Board) -

Pat Higgins (ASD School Board) -

Charlie Peters (Inlet View Project Manager) - 

Paul Baril (Principal Architect) -

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